All Aspects Of Tree Surgery And Hedge Management

Providing a wealth of experience with our tree surgery and stump grinding in Kings Lynn and surrounding areas in Norfolk

With our many years of experience in tree care and with our eye for detail, we cover every aspect of tree surgery from Tree removal to Stump grinding. We create beautifully shaped trees and hedges for you to enjoy for many years to come. Working with you, we prune your trees and hedges, tailoring them to fit your exact specifications whilst keeping them looking as natural as possible. We can even remove that pesky tree stump you have been tripping over!

What’s different about us is that we don’t insist that you have to do what we have suggested: you play an active part too. Our modular principle means that you can use our professional support to prune your trees and hedges, and remove tree stumps with no pressure to do more or less than you have asked of us. You tell us what you want, we shall advise you of what may be the best approach, but ultimately your opinion comes first.

Your garden and its contents are treated with the greatest care.


Our Services At A Glance

  • Tree services in Kings Lynn including: Tree Removal, Reductions/Pollarding and Crown Lifting, Hedge Removal and Management.
  • Stump Removal in Norfolk
  • Wood chippings/Mulch Delivered
  • Site Clearance

Stump grinding in Norfolk

We have expanded our business to provide specialist stump grinding services to all our customers in King’s Lynn and Norfolk. So whether you have a stump in the way for footings of driveways, in the middle of your garden, or just in the way of an area you want to re-plant, no matter how big or small the stump, we can grind it for you.

We’ll be happy to drop by and give you some advice. Just phone us for a free quote:

Tel: (01485) 600647